The Muto Foundation

Guy Muto Memorial Scholarship Fund

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: August 16, 2000

Attendance: Bob Blake, Jill DiGiovanni, Michelle Howard, Craig Inure, Jerry Matinees, Bill Storm

Absent: Dave Chess, Bob Fowler, Bonnie Johnson, Elise Vashon,  Frank Termini


The meeting was called to order at 5:30PM at the Radisson by President Bill Storm.


The minutes of the May 22, 2000 meeting were approved as written.


Jill submitted an ĎAccount Balances Reportí for the period ending 8/14/00, showing a balance of $91,840.59. The following payables were reviewed and approved for payment: Mailbox Etc. 57.88 (printing) Radisson Hotel $502.00 (dinner/meeting 8/16/2000


Bill spoke about a potential problem (misunderstanding) between the Western Pool and Show and the Muto Foundation. In order to promote harmonious relations between both entities, Bill has agreed to speak with Art Grommet regarding this matter. The Muto board realizes that if it is to continue to have good, productive relationship with the Western Pool and Spa Show, it must proceed in a more formal manner. 

Jerry Spoke about questions that IPSSA may also have, regarding the Western Pool and Spa Show. After considerable discussion, the board decided that it would be more appropriate to formally discuss our plans with representatives from IPSSA. We want to dispel and potential conflicts of interest, rectify and misunderstandings, and promote future collaborations. The board believes it may be in our best interests, if IPSSA is so inclines, to offer IPSSA a Formal position on the Muto board.

Bill Reminded us that Muto scholarships are available for those attending contractor licensing schools. He thinks that many in our industry are unaware that these scholarships are available. He believes this is a great way to not only promote education within our industry, but Muto as well. We need to increase awareness.

Bill is working to clear up some minor confusion with the IRS concerning our certification.


Ron Hater may be offering to the Muto Foundation an opportunity to raise money through the "donation" of a vintage automobile. The form this donation, and the potential for raising revenue, will be discussed further. The board though that a raffle, or an auction, of some sort, might be a good way to raise money. Bob and Bill have agreed to speak with Ron to discuss the viability of the offer. Ray has agreed to help with the legal and technical logistics, should the "donation" occur.

The PIE Show is coming in October. The Muto board would like to have promotional tools ready for this. We need to use this opportunity to increase awareness, and promote public relations. We need to get counter cards and appropriate printed materials (such as Muto history, fund raising solicitations, etc.) prepared in time for the show. Bob will ask a friend of his to help with the preparation of the solicitation pieces. Jerry has agreed to get Bob a copy of a previous piece that was recently written.

Ray was unanimously selected to act as our Chief financial officer. The board voted to reallocate the Muto assets into less risky investments. Ray will transfer the assets that are in Various Vangard Ginnie Mac accounts. 


The meeting adjourned at 7:00PM

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