The Muto Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting - Western Pool & Spa Show Minutes

February 25, 2000

Jim Bushey
Jill DiGiovanni
Dick Flynn
Bob Flower
Michelle Howard
Craig Inouye
Jerry Mazienis
Bill Storm
Frank Tumminia

Absent: Dave Chess, Bonnie Johnson, Elise Vachon

Ray Arouesty
Bob Blake
Cilia Hugueley
Al Satter
Ivan Vance
Max Witt


The meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM at the Long Beach Renaissance Hotel By President Bill Storm.

A big thank you to the Western Pool and Spa Show for graciously providing the meeting room. (Special to Art Grimmet, Randy Bauer, and Elias Duran)


The minutes for the meeting held on 12/02/99 Were approved as written.


Jill submitted a financial report for the year ending 12/31/99. Included with the financials was a transaction report listing all donations for the past year. The Foundation currently shows a year to date net gain of approximately $15,000.00.

Jill also reminder the board of its monthly contribution pledges. If you are unsure of your status, please check with her.

Bill noted that the minutes of the board meeting as well as the financial reports will now be listed on our Web site.


Bill suggested we form a financial committee to review the investment options for the scholarship fund. Jill, Bonnie, and Frank were selected to this committee.

It was decided that Jill, Frank, Bill, and Bob would be authorized to sign Muto checks.

The Board voted to award $ 5000,00 in scholarships for the year 2000.

Dick Flynn announced his resignation form the Board. The Board reluctantly accepted the resignation.

Bob Blake was noitioned to replace Dick. Bob was unanimously approved.


IPSSA Region 7 has authorized Bob Fowler to offer The Muto Foundation a $ 10,000.00 grant, to be paid at a rate of $2,000.00/year, provided that the Foundation can find a matching donation for another group. Bob noted that this is an attempt by IPSSA region 7 to jump start Muto’s fund raising efforts. This Will hopefully encourage us to approach groups/individuals, other than have Contributed previously.

The Board will graciously thank IPSSA Region 7, at 619 Meadowbrook Dr San Diego, CA 92114-4723, for their generous contribution.

Discussion ensued about the need for us to broaden the donation base in general. We need to look not only at securing larger donation from corporations, but also at securing larger numbers of smaller donations from individuals.

Frank suggested we can look outside the industry.

Bob suggested we prioritize our Focus, and first look to maximizing our efforts within the industry. He noted that while we give scholarships on a national basis, most of the donations so far have come from West Coast entities. It is imperative we broaden our approach and expo9se the rest of the industry to the Muto Foundation.

Superior Industries, (Al Satter/Max Witt) Reported on their efforts to help the Muto Foundation. At the Western Pool and Spa Show they are making available Muto t-shirts, for a nominal fee. They are donating these proceeds to the Muto fund. Superior also announced that they will be introducing "check off" donations of $ 1.00/invoice, expressly for the Muto Foundation.

Bill reiterated the need to approach SCP/Huges/etc. to see if they would be willing to follow the lead of Superior and consider chick off donations on their invoices. This should hopefully tie in recognition of these suppliers, with an increasing awareness of Muto.

Celia Hugueley mentioned the possibility that IPSSA was considering establishing a scholarship fund of its own. It was noted that since a substantial amount of Muto’s current donations base is IPSSA related, it might be in IPSSA best interest to form its own scholarship fund. Discussion ensued as to the effect this potential competition would have on Muto.

Bill suggested that we might consider establishing a honorarium scholarship in IPSSA’s name, as part of the Muto Foundation . Frank replied that since the goal of Muto is to increase the education of the industry, even if IPSSA does establish its own scholarship, in reality it is still fulfilling the desires of the Muto Foundation.

A motion to provide a designated seat on the Muto board, to an IPSSA BOARD member, was brought before the board. The motion failed.

It was noted that AOL has a direct contribution website ( The Board will consider how this can be used for our fund raising. We need to consider such things as posters at distributors/etc. That remind people of how easy it can be to make a contribution.


A conference call was conducted with Daniel Hansler of Fund Raising Marketing Company. Daniel had prior to the meeting provided the board members with an outline for a fund raising marketing plan for Muto. This outline will hopefully provide the direction necessary to be successful in our fund raising efforts. Significant discussion ensued on a number of topics. Daniel needs the board to provide him with enough background information to allow him to design a plan of attack. We need to provide a series of target market, prioritized, with criteria for determining the potential of each. We cannot just look at where there is the most potential money, but must also consider the ease, or cost of securing that money.

The board divided the potential donors into 2 main groups; individuals vs. groups/manufactures. Individuals could then be subdivided further into individuals, individuals within groups and associations, and individuals within manufactures.

Muto needs to discover what is in the interest of each target market to make a contribution. What is the message that needs to be tailored to each segment? Does the message need to change for each organization? The board thinks so.

What are the characteristics of these groups/associations? For the most part these groups are made up of individuals who volunteer their support, and are personally involved by virtue of their careers. Our approach to these groups must therefore be on a more personal basis, as we attempt to appeal to the individuals within the group. We might consider appealing, not to their altruism, but to their personal situation (i.e. a potential scholarship for a family member). A more emotional appeal than what would be used for a corporation. Discussion ensued as to whether there would be an advantage to taking a male/female bias to the appeal. While it is conceded that the industry is by and large male dominated, there was not a consensus as to who really makes the decisions. Is it mom or dad who influences the education of their kids more? Is it the man in the field, or the woman in the office/home who is handling the checkbook, who makes the donation decisions?

Solicitations to manufacturers/distributors will inevitably require a different approach, as we need to appeal to a "committee", rather than individual. This would most likely require a more business like approach. Possibly a prospectus will need to be developed. What kind of recognition would encourage these corporations to donate? Would plaques, sponsorships, strategic alliances, etc. be of benefit to us and them? Can we use Muto to increase the public awareness of the donating company? Can we tie in Muto marketing efforts with theirs?

Daniel suggested this plan of attach:

    1. build a contact list
    2. - define who the potential contacts are

      - identify characteristics of the contacts that will

      - help us establish a hook for interesting them

    3. from the contact list form a prospect list
    4. the prospect list will evolve into s suspect list
    5. those on the suspect list will be solicited for contributions

This is a way for prioritizing our efforts, and approaching those with whom we have the greatest opportunity for success.

Daniel next suggested we need to develop; a message. What is our message? What can we offer? What is our mission statement?

What problem are we trying to address with this scholarship?

How much awareness does the Muto name have within the industry?

With this in mind, should we consider changing the name of the Muto Foundation? Should we add a more descriptive tag line to the Muto name?

As you can see, a considerable number of ideas were bantered about with Daniel Hansler. This is a work in progress. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please contact Daniel and or Bill Storm. We need your participation to provide the tools necessary for Daniel to provide us with a logical, productive, marketing plan.

Daniel requests that you let him know by phone, fax or e-mail how you would like him to contact you in the future. Please let him know ASAP.


The meeting adjourned at 10:45AM.


Next meeting will be on Saturday, May 20th, at the Radisson in Culver City

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