The Muto Foundation

Guy Muto Memorial Scholarship Fund

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: May 22, 2000

Attendance: Bob Blake, Jill DiGiovanni, Michelle Howard, Craig Inouye, Jerry Mazienis, Bill Storm, and Frank Tumminia

Absent: Jim Bushey, Dave Chess, Bob Fowler, Bonnie Johnson, and Elise Vachon

Guest: Ray Arouesty


The meeting was called to order at 5:00PM at the Burbank Hilton by President Bill Storm.


The minutes of the February 25,2000 meeting were approved as written.


Jill submitted an ‘Account Balances Report’ for the period ending 5/14/00, showing a balance of $93,956.49. The following payables were reviewed and approved for payment. Network Solutions $35.00(domain registration), Copyboy Printing $490.62(Stationary), Community Answering Service $20.00(answering Service), and Superior Pool Products $87.82(reimbursement for Western Pool and Spa Show posters).


The Board reviewed the scholarship applicants for this year’s Muto awards. The applications had been previously revie3wed and sco0red by a panel of four retired school teachers. The applications were given scores of 1 to 20, with 20 being the highest. The scores were derived by a formula that included:

Of the 27applications received, 6 applicants had scores of 19 or better.

The board voted to grant these 6 applicants scholarships of $1000 each.


The board reviewed the marketing plan outline prepared by Daniel Hansler, Entitled "the Muto Foundation Year 2000 Marketing Plan". While the general consensus was one of agreement with the outline provided, the board still has concerns as to the actual implementation of the plan.

Jerry suggested that as a way to get the ball rolling, we ask Peter Haverlation to help us prepare a solicitation package, that would be used as an initial contact with prospective donors. Frank has agreed to provide Jerry with information that will be needed by Peter Haverlation if he is willing to help us. Frank will get the information to Jerry 6/14/00.

The Board has agreed to prepare "counter cards" for the upcoming PIE show on October 12-14

The Board also discussed the revival of the Muto Games, the possibility of a Muto Service Award Recipient for 2000, and the potential of outsourcing our donor solicitation. These subject were table for now, and will be re-addressed in the future.


Ray Arouesty was unanimously elected to serve on the Muto Board.

Ray expressed some concerns about our asset allocation in various Vangard funds. Ray has agreed to discuss this further with Jill and Bonnie, to see if our investment strategy needs any changes.


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 16th, at the Radisson in Culver City. Dinner will be scheduled for 5:00 with the meeting beginning at 6:00PM.


The meeting adjourned at 7:00PM

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